Protocols in Human Research

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Name Institution Course Date Protocols in Human research What are the ethical issues involved? The IRB is accountable to review the consent document, which is the most vital part of the protocol evaluation procedure. In the process of issuance of consent document, the IRB demands that researchers embrace their templates, which it has prepared (Ashley and O'Rourke 267). In so doing, the IRB can guarantee that the chief researcher has adequately addressed the core elements of informed consent. Furthermore, the utilization of such templates assists the IRB to launch a set of recommendations or guidelines that every chief investigator is supposed to meet. It helps to reduce the pressure on an organization from a powerful company or investigator seeking to provide certain study at its firm (Ashley and O'Rourke 267). In healthcare, the principle of autonomy demands that the patient should be permitted to make decisions after being provided with adequate information about the potential consequences. Therefore, IRB should convey the knowledge needed by possible research participants to facilitate informed choice in terms of their participation in the anticipated research protocol. What are the possible conflicts of interest? The possible conflicts of interest occur because the informed consent templates are not standardized hence they may differ largely among various institutions (Ashley and O'Rourke 267). Ultimately, inability to assure standardization creates major challenges especially in the events of supportive multisite studies. Utilizing these templates needs a high level of template language that is impassable if the manufacturer or investigator desires to

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