Protection Essay Examples



protection of the heart and other vital organs. The intake of fats was 134.4 g of the total 4257 kcal. The different types of fats are broken down into Monounsaturated 64.7 g, saturated 17.6 g, Polyunsaturated 21.7g, Omega-3 0.3 g, Omega-6 21.4 g, Trans fats 0.2 g and Cholesterol 150.8 mg. Mineral intake recommended per day is calculated based on a 2000 calorie intake. Day one Calcium intake is 623.8 mg which is low for the recommended 1000 mg for 2000 calories and especially low for 4257 total calorie intake. Copper is at 2.1 which is half the required amount for 4000 kcal. Iron is 44.0 mg, Magnesium at 350.5 mg, Manganese at 8.2 mg, Phosphorus at 882.6 mg which is not half of the required amount...

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