Proposed Recruitment and Selection Plan

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Proposed Recruitment and Selection Plan Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Internal Recruitment Strengths Internal recruitment is the process of hiring individuals from within an organization’s existing workforce. The outstanding strength of recruiting internally is that hiring costs are significantly low. The expenses associated with recruitment agencies and advertising for positions are foregone when hiring internally. The saved resources are redirected to other departments that further the organization’s main interests. Internal recruitment also saves firms the cost of time spent on training external candidates that do not fully understand the dynamics of the organization. By hiring internally, firms receive individuals that are familiar with the operations and as such do not require extra training and adapt seamlessly with minimal downtime (Pinnington et al., 2007). Current employees will potentially be the top candidates due to having inside knowledge, experience and training in Fresh Thyme’s policies and procedures. It is beneficial to recruit internally as it promotes employee motivation, and sustains Fresh Thyme’s knowledge and culture. Current employees may be seeking advancement within the company. This consideration of advancement will provide dual benefits as it will give the employee intrinsic job satisfaction in feeling that they may be rewarded for a job-well-done, while simultaneously meeting the company’s objective of attracting applicants. Weaknesses The biggest concern in this instance would be the ripple effect. By promoting an internal employee from another store or division, that employee will now have to be

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