Propaganda anays is and reflection

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Persuasive Essay: Propaganda Propaganda is the dissemination of false rumors, exaggeration of facts or using literary techniques that alter the public opinions for or against a particular idea (Charlie 47). It still exists in the society more so in mass media advertising, politics, and literature. The effect of the propaganda is meant to align the community to a uniform opinion hence defying the role of democracy. It incapacitates critical thinking among the members of the society due to its impressive power as it offers an alternative to the available options. In this paper, the writer asserts that in dealing with propaganda, critical thinking can be the only viable solution that can free the society from such chains that do not support democracy. These will offer the community a chance to make their preferred choices without being persuaded by any mean. It is, therefore, paramount for critical thinking to be encouraged so that the effect of propaganda can be reduced in the society. The effectiveness of propaganda can be felt by majority especially when under pressure (Baines & O'Shaughnessy 23). Regarding this, it offers the concerned a choice that gives light to the people. However, it may be misleading. For instance, US dropped propaganda leaflets in Iraq which emphasized that Saddam Hussein is responsible for their problems. Some of the affected persons in that country believed the information was correct. However, up to date, the Iraq has conflicts even in the absence of Saddam. These illustrated the potential effect of propaganda in misleading the society to take a directed course about an idea. If the

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