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Development and education inequality of children living in poverty Student Name Professors Name Course Date Total Word count 672 Article 1 (what poverty does to the young brain) The development process of children is vital to every kid right from the time of conception to adulthood. The brain is an essential organ, and it begins to develop while still in the womb. Under development of a kid's brain results to low IQ and as a result reduced performance in academics. There exist accidents and setbacks that results to underdevelopment of brain. The paper explores and examines the contribution of poverty and other impediments to interruption of brain formation and development process (Irimia, 2016). Poverty is one of the significant contributory factors to underdevelopment of children brain. Poverty relates to overcrowding, substandard housing, noise, family turmoil and exposure to violence among other forms of extream stress. Such conditions similar to alcohol and other drug abuse happen to be toxic to any developing brain. The resulting factor is a release of excessive cortisol hormone which becomes disastrous to the development of the brain or even managing stressful situations. The same hormone is capable of getting to the fetus through the placenta resulting sabotage of brain development process. A study conducted jointly by hospitals and universities revealed that people who leave under poverty likely suffer from cognitive and long-term behavioral difficulties (Macaulary, 2008). Article 2 (lacal education ineualities across U.S) In the United States, most district schools that enroll a large number of low-income students usually perform average and

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