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PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR A LEADERSHIP TRAINING Prepared for Senior Management Introduction In this day and age, the business world the dynamics are changing rapidly. This had led to an increased need for the strategic, intelligent and quick responses by firm leaders. Better management and quick decision making are critical for any business to flourish. Currently, there is an improper flow of information within the business. This has created a sense of laxity in the staff. This lax state has seen the decline in productivity and marginal profits from the business. It has also come to the attention that because of lack of training opportunities not many employees know the trends within their organizations and managers do not have the adequate management skills to run training workshops. There is a very little initiative that is being taken by the employees and the management as they focus on other parts of the business. With very little initiative innovation and creativity in product development has completely been exfoliated from the business. This has hampered the concern's ability to be as competitive within the industryCITATION EBe02 p 34 l 1033 (Bernroider, 2002, p. 34). To solve this problem the business managers and staff require management and leadership training. This will enable them to be more efficient in their undertakings and to help the business function more effectively in its day to day operations. There should also be the inclusion of better communication channels for the company to function at its best. Project Plan Identifying the goals, visions, and objectives of the business The first task to be undertaken is to find out exactly what the business aims not

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