Professional writing in the sciences

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Name Instructor Course Date Professional Writing in the Sciences Science is a field where the most current work depends on the previous ones. It brings on board an array of researchers where each has a significant impact on the output. One significant requirement in sciences is record keeping. The data collected, analyzed and results at every stage counts at the end of research or scientific process. The ocean is a place regarded to have more than 80% of the life around the globe. A marine biologist is entitled to exploring every organism in the waters and maybe documents. There is no way a person will remember all the detail without writing down information at each stage of the study (Fenchel and Uiblein 314). This is, however, similar in all forms of sciences. It is evident that science is transitional and changes from one stage to another. These changes may take ages or happen abruptly. When it happens, it is one’s preparedness that can determine how fast they can react to a demanding situation. Both scientists and non-scientists view the scientific writings as a means to communicate even when physically unavailable. It is essential for one to have both scientific skills as well as the writing skills for them to be entirely relevant. Nevertheless, many scientists do not find it important to keep a record of their works. This paper assesses the importance of writing in the science profession, its impacts and how it has evolved over time. Further, it discusses how writing supports the communication between the public and the science communities. Writing and science share a common history. In the prehistoric times, knowledge was conveyed from one generation to

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