Professional Goals as Dietitian

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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Professional Goals as Dietitian In my view, food choices should always be governed by sustainability rather than pricing. Unsurprisingly, I consistently advocate for similar opinions to others. Moreover, I have appreciated foods, their availability, and importance since my tender ages. As such, nutrition and dietetics, as a career path, came naturally. Furthermore, I believe becoming a dietitian is in tandem with my way of life and provides a holistic technique to a healthy and balanced life. Healthy living is a critical aspect of leading a good life. From this viewpoint, becoming a dietitian presents me with an opportunity to help others and as such, regard it as a noble profession. In this paper, I attempt to explain why I chose dietetics as a profession. Additionally, I will provide a succinct description of my area of interest concerning the mentioned profession. As a final point, I will provide a summary of my plans after becoming a registered dietitian (RD). This last part will be divided into two parts: short-term (three years) and long-term (five years) goals. As briefly discussed in the introduction, choosing dietetics, as a profession was an apparent option owing to my lifestyle and appreciation of food and nutrition. In these present times, diet and lifestyle have become key factors linked to the predisposition of many illnesses. Such maladies include cancer, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Moreover, current statistics depict that a large number of individuals are suffering or are susceptible to these lifestyle diseases. From this standpoint, I believe that dietetics, as a profession offers me a platform to

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