Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Guide

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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Author’s Name Institution Cultural Sensitivity Introduction The issue of discrimination and cultural insensitivity has always been a bone of contention in different nations and working environments in the world (Johnstone, & Kanitsaki, 2008). The roots of this issue go so deep that they blur the line between what is acceptable and what is not when interacting with others. Healthy relationships in any setting depend on the reliability and require respect between the parties involved. Virtues like trust are hard to cultivate when doubt and mistrust mark a union or interaction. Even in nations and communities where people are open-minded and free of racism, the previous actions and relationships still affect the way people relate. The comments they sometimes make may be innocent in intent but still severe relationships where the issue is still touchy. African Americans have been victims of racism, segregation, and discrimination in many social settings. Their color has alienated them from professions and educational opportunities for a very long time. Since the slavery era, African Americans have been subjected to diverse forms of discrimination hence calling for the need of cultural sensitivity when handling them. The need to uphold professionalism and cultural sensitivity deems paramount in daily interactions when handling patients from this culture. The article analyzed herein was published in 2007 by Arnold R. Eiser, and Glenn Ellis and discusses Cultural Competence and the African American Experience with Health Care. Summary This paper expresses the concern that the area of cultural competence lacks

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