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products at a lower price compared to their rivals. Since there is perfect knowledge in this market structure, consumers, being rational will buy from the cheapest supplier (Samuelson & Marks 216). This strategy will enable them to penetrate the market. The firm will make little profit since it will seek to maximize the units sold since its charges lower prices. The firm will also need to consider its total cost when pricing. However, this strategy will be short lived since other firms in the market will lower their prices as well. Lower average cost The firm will need to maintain its average costs at the minimum to make a profit. Average cost is given by the total costs incurred in the...

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products based on time completion.B Using the bottleneck method, the fixture that displays the greatest output is W because the time the machines are available is 40 hours(2400 minutes) and it is the highest productivity that exceeds this time. L Material Cost 2800, 2400, 1350, 1000 Contribution 70w 60x 90y 100 Question 4 2000 x.05 =100x(15-4=11)-1 =1000 3000x.20=600x10=6000 4000x.25=1000x10=10000 5000x.40=2400x10=24000 6000x.10=600x10=6000 To maximize profits the clinic must order based on the needs and in this case the amount of patients. 4000 has a higher probability of...

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