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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Product Placement In the current marketing world, the various marketing practices raise ethical questions. Murphy and other researchers have argued that at the macro level, marketing practices have raised concerns of overconsumption leading to wastage of resources and unsustainability (Murphy, Patrick, Laczniak, and Wood 38). Marketing communication bears most blames on the basis that some activities in this sector lead to promoting overconsumption among the customers. Marketing communication encourages materialism and greed. Hackley, Christopher, and Tiwsakul defined product placement as a practice that marketers use to lure the targeted customers (Hackley, Christopher, and Tiwsakul 70). It involves placing brands in scripts of entertainment or even on the mediated news. Some people also know product placement as brand placement because the practice has migrated from movies to radio, TV programs, popular songs, video games among others. The YouTube video clip provides a perfect example of product placement. One of the characters argues that he “can’t bow to any sponsor,” but ironically does the opposite by promoting different products on the movie clip. Marketers are more motivated to push their products than before. The rise in media platforms has encouraged the marketers to get effective ways of reaching the users and potential users. However, product placement uses manipulation through media and advertisements to reach targeted customers, adult or young. The curious and impulsive nature of human beings makes us easy targets for the product promoters. Companies employ experts who can help them understand

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