Product Marketing And Strategy Implementation

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Product Marketing And Strategy Implementation Introduction Marketing of a new product in a well-established market target requires purposeful strategy implementation align with the business growth. In order gain the market value of a product, the company holding should identify unique strategies to enhance the well-stipulated program in broad perspective. In this case, the marketing manager should define the ways to reach the marketplace and channel the product to the relevant consumers in a proper marketing manner. Therefore, this requires a specific plan for the new product and makes decisions to influence and direct the awareness content of the product. The typical strategy involves the proposed programs and media used to reach the target market. The UMB connect, a university app facilitating students’ efficiency in directing students and where to sell and buy books among other services, has an excellent structure network to students. Consequently, the app needs a well-structured marketing plan to enhance market growth and service awareness to students. The implementation plan entails holding each program component accountable through initiating communication tactics on the usefulness of the product to the target market. The key aspect of this strategy involves the alignment of plans within and externally throughout the market ecosystems. Thus the use of advertisement on social media should yield better focus of activities in reaching the users actually at a flexible timing to the users. The advancement of technology and use of handset gadget should facilitate the product in reaching students. The product, therefore, requires a frequent communication through driven

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