Process of Innovation

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Process of Innovation According to Shockley (2011), organizational changes occur as planned or unplanned events that result into flux. According to Kotter (2012), organizational changes and innovation occur through eight steps. These steps work as accelerators to these changes depending on their urgencies. Leaders are responsible for initiating, communicating, integrating, and implementing innovation. These processes describe the diffusion of innovation. Communication plays a significant role in ensuring that innovations are not only developed but also communicated well to all the interested parties. Thus, it is imperative to manage communication relationships during change as described by the stakeholder theory in Shockley (2011). In planning for a change, it is important to consider appreciative inquiry (AI) that expands on past success, thereby creating a positive work environment. The model is comprised of four elements, which are discovery, dream, design, and destiny. Innovation Communication Technique Regarding communication techniques on innovation, Shockley (2011) describes six models including equal dissemination, equal participation, quid-pro-quo, need to know, marketing, and reactionary. Recently, the head of our faculty requested all the members to suggest waysto improve the department and increase the student enrolment in the courses. This is an application of equal participation model. As a consequence, the team became enthusiastic about the whole idea of being involved in the innovation. A significant contribution of the model is attributable to the equality it presents within the organization. When leader-subordinate equality is established, especially in

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