Privacy Protections and Whistleblowing

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Guidelines on a person’s privacy or documents collected during crime investigation by the police are protected by the Freedom of Information Act. The FOIA, exemption 7(C) postulates that law enforcement is required to withhold information that may harm the personal privacy of an individual while giving certain exemptions if the information were to be revealed (Halstuk & Chamberlin, 2006). The Supreme delivered a unanimous verdict on the matter, supporting the federal’s government argument that Favish failed to show adequate reasons for the disclosure. The victim’s parents sought disclosure of the documents since the family thought the government might have had a hand in the death of their loved ones. Appellate courts had ruled that the government ought to disclose the photographs to aid in the parents’ investigations. The court reversed the orders because Favish failed to show how the personal interests of the deceased were infringed upon by failure to disclose the photos. The assertions of the Supreme are true and correct. Justice Kennedy tore into the Favish argument that on personal control of information was too narrow to argue in Favish case. However, an important case point involves the broad protection of survivor privacy under the exemption unlike previous thought under cultural traditions and the common law. The arguments in broader context imply that the court protected the family from unfrivolous claims in the public domain after some pictures of the deceased surfaced in the media (Hoefges, Halstuk & Chamberlin, 2003). Furthermore, for the balance of privacy rights given in the Act, the requester ought to give accurate facts of the reasons for

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