Prisons and Conflict perspective

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Sociology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract Social institutions serve the purpose of transforming the society through social values. Prisons, in particular, play a significant role in correcting behaviors that violate social norms. However, perspectives of the society to institutions such as prisons are proving the reality of various sociological theories in describing social diversity. In the last decade of the 20th-century, prison departments introduced significant changes that allowed most prisoners around the world to enjoy some freedom and privileges. However, the prison departments still face problems of inequality, insufficient resources, harassment of inmates, discrimination, and congestion. The recent increase in the number of prisoners also indicate that the society has a problem where problems in the society are the cause of prisoners’ high rate. (Drake, Earle & Sloan, 2015). This paper aims at elaborating the connection between the sociological perspective of conflict and the prison as a social institution. The discussion begins by explaining the relationship between the conflict theory and the perception of the society on prisons based on the theory. Thereafter, the paper also explains the perception of the society and the media about prisons, prisoners’ problems and provides possible solutions to the issues discussed. Prisons and Conflict Perspective Introduction The social conflict perspective is a theoretical view of the society as a system of unequal groups, opportunities, and treatment resulting in conflicts and change (De Dreu, 2014). The prison as a social institution is facing conflicts from all

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