Prisoners Petition and Complaints Summary

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Prisoners Petition and Complaints Summary In March 2012, a non-profit organization, which is the Centre for Human Rights, and Constitutional Law (CHRCL) filed a petition at the United Nations on behalf of solitary confined California prisoners. According to the petition, 4000 prisoners were said to be held in custody because of alleged gang tie crimes. The lawyers asserted that some people spend many years in prisons even without having committed any crimes. The lawyer’s report claimed that several prisoners were locked into solitary confinements because of participating in hunger strikes (Sputnik News Agency, 2016).The petition criticizes the condition of California prisoners by saying that the prisoners live in a GULAG instead of a modern democracy. The Lawyers' petition to the United Nations included violent treatment by guards at the prison, bad foods and medical poor medical assistance being offered to the prisoners. The report also states that in the previous year (2011), about 12, 000 inmates in California went on hunger strike in demand for better conditions in the prisons. The report further emphasizes that the incident is not the first to be reported in the United States' prisons especially for the fact that the country is the world's number one with the highest number of prisoners. The high number of prisoners in America is described as equivalent to a quarter of all detainees in the world. With this high number of prisoners, the country spends billions of dollars annually in prisons, and this number has increased by three times in the past 20 years (Sputnik News Agency, 2016). The prisoners’ aspect in the United States is not only a concern of the

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