Prison Case study

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Prison Case Study Student‘s Name Institution Prison Case Study: Abu Ghraib The issue of accountability and responsibility can define the different level of involvement from the generals to people holding highest-level offices. Peter and Pierre define accountability as the association between answerability and responsiveness (Peters & Pierre, 339). On the other hand, responsibility involves discussions on moral conflicts and matters of life and death. The researchers continue to argue that objective responsibility is accountability that requires answers that includes formal procedures that officials have to use to be answerable. Subjective responsibility deals with the moral perspective of an action. Therefore, from the definition, accountability is an element of responsibility that also requires a person to be answerable for his/her actions/decisions. In this case, of Abu Ghraib Prison, the rank-and-file military officers were entangled in the issues, and the officers had to pay the price for their roles. They were accountable for failing to follow the expected prescribed regulations and irresponsible, as they were complicit in immoral actions against the prisoners. The seven guards complicit in the case did not follow the necessary Army procedure. According to the families of the implicated officers, high-ranking military officers made instruction. However, Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal, the possible defense by blaming superior orders is not considered as a defense for war crimes. Even though the Department of Defense under the Bush administration argued that the guards were just "a few bad apples," in the force, there links that signified the

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