Prison Break

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Student name Instructor’s name Course title Date Thesis: Being pronounced guilty by the court of law should not be considered right. Instead, it should be analyzed regarding personal reasons, fairness and transparency of the justice system. Personal reasons a. Cause of committing a crime. b. Are you guilty or framed? c. Independence of the Ruling II. Fairness of the Justice System. a. Personal treatment by the justice system. b. Chance of appeal. III. Transparency of the justice system. a. Handling of a case. b. Presence of any independent oversight pre-and post-ruling investigation Justice and the judicial system as a whole have been a thorny issue worldwide to both the concerned stakeholders and the general public. With the common issue of contention being is justice rightfully rewarded to the deserving or they end up being recipients of injustice and what they deserved given to the offenders walk away scot free enjoying freedom. This has necessitated to some cases being termed as being major to be handled by some courts hence being forwarded to higher courts or even international courts with different relevant authorities coming in to work on them. Different people find themselves at the wrong side of the arm of the law as criminals. To others, it seems as a well-adapted and accepted system of life gained through lifelong experience in the same field. However, to others, it comes not as a choice but unavoidable circumstance with no option out at all. Others commit the crime in self-defense while others commit crimes unknowingly. To others, it is the only way to sacrifice and achieve

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