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PRINTS Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Prints Biblical and mythological themes were some of the themes highly used by artists during the early modern days. Religion had a great influence on art especially during the birth of Protestant churches whose doctrine differed with that propagated by the Roman Catholic. Moreover, the church was the largest source of work for artists at this time because the visual representation of the Bible was of great importance to the church in keeping the faithful rooted to the doctrine of the church. The use of sculptures to honor the heroes of the day was a common practice. Commissions from the church, sculptures for the tombs of the church leaders, artwork in honor of martyrs of faith, architectural works and paints fetched the artists a lot of money during the early modern Europe. However, after the birth of the protestant movement of the Christina religion, sculptures were highly discriminated and considered as idol worship. As a result, painters gained a lot of recognition because their work was highly commissioned to replace the sculptures and other artwork that was considered unholy. Paintings inspired by the Bible stories became part of the early modern Europe prints. Further, this break-up and the initiative of the Catholic Church to regain the control of the masses revived the interest of tale and other mythical stories. Artists who did not want to participate in the division of the Christina religion focused on mythological stories that combined the use of religion, erotic and perverse tales to create prints. The artists intending to employ myth in their work made the use of symbolism to pass important messages to the

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