Prince Among Slaves: Abdul Rahman Ibrahima

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Student’s Name Professor Course Date Prince Among Slaves: Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Prince Among Slaves is a film that is based on historical occurrence during the slavery era in America that premiered in 2006. In fact, the documentary retells a story of Prince Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori from West Africa. He was enslaved in the United States for 40 years and later he was freed. The prince was captured in 1788 at the age of 26 in a non-Muslim campaign in Guinea. During the time, he was caught, sold to British slave traders and shipped in a slave ship that moved from Africa to New Orleans in the United States. In the next forty years, he labored as a slave in Natchez tobacco plantation (Alford 253). In the course of his enslavement, he encountered Dr. John Cox who was helped by Prince’s father while in Africa (Alford 17). Cox proposed to buy Prince from Foster, which was turned down by the Prince. After twenty years, Cox's son contacted local newspaper to helping Prince win liberations from his master. Ultimately, the article got the attention of the secretary of the state, Henry Clay, who persuaded John Quincy Adams to free the prince. As a free citizen, he stayed in the United States for a year and purchased the freedom his wife at $200. During his stay in the states, he sought money and championed freedom campaigns for his nine children enslaved in the Fosters’ cotton plantation. At some point, he attended paid audience conferences to earn money to buy the freedom of his extended family. Unfortunately, he succeeded to raise money that would buy the freedom of only two of his nine children that joined the other members of the family and his wife. In the

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