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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Primary Source Analysis: Columbus reports on his first voyage, 1493 The author of the primary source is Christopher Columbus. He was the participant in the events documented as he narrates his encounter with early American people. He, therefore, experienced and witnessed the events as they happened during his voyage. Hence, Columbus wrote the source moments after arriving back in Spain. As a white man in Native American society, Columbus differed from the subjects he met in Caribbean region in some ways. For example, these communities were poor, illiterate and primitive in the way they settled, dresses, and protected their communities. As the author and the witness in the eventful Caribbean journey, Columbus remains the credible informant. The purpose of this document was to announce his discoveries to both King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in Europe who financed his exploration journeys and provided other sets including ships and men ("Columbus Reports On His First Voyage, 1493" 2). For this reason, it serves as a letter to the royal leaders that contained day-to-day events Columbus experienced during the journey. Apart from the King and Queen of Spain who the document was written for, other intended audiences are the students, scholars, researchers, and historians There is a wide range of things that can be learned from the document. One is the cultural, social and economic conditions prevailing before the landing of a white man in America. For example, Christopher wrote that “The inhabitants of both sexes always go naked” and “neither have they weapons” (Columbus 3) Second, one can understand how the

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