Primary Color by Joseph Klein

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Primary Color by Joseph Klein. 1. Primary Color is a pleasurable book based on American leadership and politics. Furthermore, it is based on a Bill Clinton regime fictional story. In 1996, this book was published anonymously. However, the author of this book is Joseph Klein who was a former journalist. 2. Consequently, I think this book is effective in government based studies because it contains relevant themes such as the role of the press, presidential election, political morality of the American people, corruption, and racial identity. The government affairs consist of aspects like equality, security, democracy, liberty and work ethic. Therefore, the book Primary Colors has projected these elements through its various themes. Alternatively, this book is paramount for government based studies because it gives a vivid conspiracy on how various leaders like the president can commit crimes without public knowledge and get away with it. Additionally, it shows how the government manipulates the media even though they have a guaranteed freedom based on the Bill of Right as highlighted in the American constitution. The United State is synonymous with social diversity. Hence, the book has ensured it highlights the problems faced by United States leaders in their quest to establish unity between the different races. Therefore, this is the book is the convenient choice in any government based studies. Contrarily, there are various interesting segments of the book. For instance, Jack Stanton is the president of the country who has a wife named Susan Stanton. However, he instantly has an affair with Cashmere McLeod who was one of his campaign secretariats (Klein, 123). The

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