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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Prewriting Process Prompt What are some of the obstacles that people face when pursuing an education? Brainstorm Ideas 1. lack of enough resources 2. pressure for good grades 3. poor time management 4. separation from families 5. difficulty in choosing a major 6. inconvenient accommodation. Thesis Statement Education is not a smooth a path. Students encounter several obstacles before they manage to finish their studies. Topic Sentences 1. Some students do not have sufficient resources to finance their education. 2. Other students are always under pressure to attain higher grades. 3. Finally, students often have to balance between studying and other tasks which call for their attention. Main Ideas Some students lack enough resources to finance their education. Tuition fees have been soaring progressively over the last few years. Furthermore, the gap between the rich and the poor is continuously widening. The top 20% control around 51% of national income. This situation forces students from poor backgrounds to seek employment to raise fees. Some of them are even forced to pause their studies or drop out. An investigation conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that students from poor backgrounds take longer to graduate than those from wealthy backgrounds (Bailey and Dynarski 6-7). Students are under constant pressure to attain good grades. This pressure comes from parents, sponsors, and even themselves. Unfortunately, coursework becomes increasingly difficult as one moves from high school to university. Failing to attain the required grades leads to depression among students. It

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