Prewriting: Outline of Taking a Position Paper

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Name Instructor Course Date Outline for a Position Paper Introduction General Background E-learning is a system of education in which one has to use the internet to access and take part in online courses or modules. E-learning programs are offered through course-management software such as Blackboard or WebCT. However, it is always up to schools to select the most appropriate software. Today, thousands of students take online classes offered by different schools across the globe. In fact, for many working students, online education has become a commonplace. Instead of attending classes physically, these students opt for online versions of the same courses as many colleges provide both versions. Today, there has been heated debate on whether online education is better than the regular education involving physical class attendance. Many people have discussed the topic, but here is my position on the same. Thesis Compared to the regular education system involving physical class attendance, online education is better because it is highly flexible and offers not only great opportunities but also a variety of benefits for career enrichment and development. 2. Opposing Argument a. Counter Arguments. Undoubtedly, e-learning is more advantageous than the regular edifying systems, but that does not mean that does not face any opposition from other quarters. In fact, there are several counter-arguments against online education, with the major counterargument being that it is more expensive than the regular system. E-learning requires one to have a computer or at least, a good device to access course material. One has to learn how to use those devices and

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