Prewriting: Brainstorming for a Proposing a Solution Paper.

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Name Instructor Course Date Prewriting a Solution Proposing Paper Question 1: Topic ‘Communication technology and society’ is one the most outstanding themes within realms of technology and society. Therefore, for the solution paper, this topic can provide a significant bearing for dissecting the relationship between technology and society. Question 2: Significant Areas The communication technology and society is a wide topic. Some of the significant areas to consider under this topic may include (1) the role of communication technology in the society, (2) effects communication technology on the society, and (3) trends and emerging issues in communication technology. Question 3: Problems of technology With the advent of communication technology, a new range of problems has emerged from the society. These challenges include loss of privacy, moral decay, degeneration of conventional cultures, unemployment, and interruption of family and Leisure. Q.4: Problems that Technology Can Solve Many problems exist in the society. Some of these problems can be solved through technology. Technology can solve the problem of poor access to information by offering a platform for accessing information easily. Slow and inaccurate data storage and processing is also a societal problem. Technology helps with faster and accurate storage and processing of voluminous data. Communication technology reduces the need to travel over long distances to communicate or for jobs by allowing people to talk from anywhere at any time. Communication technology can also be used to solve the problem of Senior Isolation. This solution can be implemented through video conferencing and

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