Prevention of Occupational Contact Dermatitis

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Prevention of Occupational Contact Dermatitis Student’s name: Course name Student’s number: Due Date: Prevention of Occupational Contact Dermatitis There are quite some occupational skin disorders that are known. However, contact dermatitis is the commonest occupational skin disorder mostly contacted at workplaces. Because OCD is the commonest skin disease at workplaces, it’s very crucial for health officers to be informed of this illness. Contact dermatitis is usually caused by direct body contact with a biological substance or chemical compounds that are hazardous. Otherwise, it can be caused by allergic reaction to a hazardous substance. Employers should be informed of different ways to prevent and reduce OCD at work. Although the only way to prevent OCD is by eliminating exposure of employees to hazardous compounds fully, this is mostly not effective. Therefore employers have come up with different measures to prevent this skin disorder (Mathias, 1990, P.742). An engineering control is one of the most effective measures that can be put into place to prevent OCD. It involves eliminating the toxic substances and replacing them with substances that are non-toxic. Another way to prevent OCD is by wearing protective clothing when an employee’s work involves being in contact with compounds that are harmful. Such protective wear includes laboratory coats, boots, gloves, dust masks and boiler suits. Mostly, garments that are disposable are more preferred to ensure that one doesn’t come into contact with the irritants. Nevertheless, this method should be practiced as a secondary measure after engineering control has been put into place. In addition,

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