Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

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STRENGTHENING CHILD WELFARE SUPPORT Name Institution Affiliation Date Address# Dear Senator #, I am a registered social worker within your jurisdiction who has worked extensively with child support services. I write to you with the aim of soliciting support for the increase of budgetary allocations for the child welfare department from the current $460 billion by $50 billion. The segment of our budget that is spent cumulatively on children has remained at an all-time low of a constant 10%. The increase should be made with special consideration on the vitality of this demographical segment towards achieving sustainable socioeconomic development. The successful perpetuation of any community depends on how well it caters for the young ones. Children present the hope for a future of the human race. However, their innocent fragility is often threatened by numerous events. There are still various loopholes that may be exploited to lead to either neglect or abuse of the children. In some cases, the policies are perfect but are not adequately implemented. There are numerous reasons for this including insufficient resources in both financial and human resource terms. Freudian theories of psychoanalysis have demonstrated the influence of childhood trauma in adult life. Children who are neglected or abused are therefore likely to live with the trauma for their entire lives. Various shooting instances in the US have demonstrated the disastrous repercussions of troubled childhood as diaries of such individuals denote the feeling of rejection and abandonment since childhood. Some of these children emerged from relatively stable and well to do families and therefore child

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