Pressures on international students to get high GPA

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Academic Pressure Student's Name English 101 Date Pressures on international students to get high GPA The school is one tough place for survival. Students pass through a lot of stress and pressure for them to perform. Some struggle to get grades that would enable them to graduate while others want to get good GPA for them to join right universities. The rate at which students suffer psychologically and physically due to grades and good GPA is alarming. Academic pressure is caused by many reasons. Among them, there is worry over good grades, parental pressure, competition, severe class loads, and the need for perfection. The results may have paramount effects. Students may result in exam cheating, inability to sleep, depression and social phobia and anxiety. This paper analyses the causes and effects of pressure for international students to get high GPA. Most students overwork themselves by reading for long hours without sleep. Such effort causes insomnia, which originates from the inability to sleep. A normal human being should sleep at most 8 hours and at least 5 hours. Students who suffer from insomnia reduce their ability to concentrate in class, which instead of increasing their GPA lowers it further. Parental pressures also cause worry over good GPA. Some parents want their children to live dreams that they never achieved. They want their children to be doctors and pilots that they once wanted to be. The expectations make them lay a lot of pressure on their children to perform. Children due to this, pressurize themselves for the sake of pleasing their beloved parents. The school setup also causes pressure in students (Martin, Andy, 56). Some schools have

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