Presidential Comparison

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Presidential Comparison Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Two of United States' most successful presidents, George W Bush and Barrack Obama, used different leadership styles in their respective terms. The aim here, therefore, is to analyze and discuss their leadership styles, compare their styles using behavioral and trait theories of leadership and discuss a single crisis each of them dealt with. For instance, it will be clear by the end of the essay why President Obama is a transformational leader while Bush was a transactional leader (Genovese, Belt, & Lammers, 2014). Most importantly, their respective leadership styles are compared to two groups of behaviors discussed in behavioral theory. Understanding why President Bush was task-oriented while President Obama is people-oriented is of essence too in this essay. In the processes, their various achievements and crisis they had to deal with will be discussed. President Bush demonstrated transactional leadership in that he emphasized on putting effort and then profiting from the outcomes. For that reason, Bush seemed very good at dealing with presenting issues. In addition, President Bush was also a decisive leader. In most case, he illustrated that style for example in his decision to go to war with Iraq (Greenstein, 2003). Nevertheless, in other situations such as the North Korea policy, he let things deteriorate and pushed difficult situations to the future. Most of his admirers saw him as a leader who would ask his advisers harsh and probing question. Also, he was a person who never looked back once he picked his goal. Valenty & Feldman (2002) suggest that despite the fact that he was a

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