President John F. Kennedy

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President John F. Kennedy was elected as the American's 35th president in the year 1960. He served as a president for only two years before he was assassinated in the year 1963. His term in office is best remembered for two things. One of them is championing for the human freedom and another one is his policies in regards to Cuba, Vietnam, and civil rights. One notable fact about Kennedy's regime advocated for the policy on the Vietnam War that led to the tripling the military aid and advisors to the south of the Vietnamese. Moreover, he also declined for the idea of withdrawal of the American military personnel from the Vietnam (Smith 57). In this paper, I would have an imaginary interview where I would ask President John F. Kennedy questions about the Vietnam War during his regime, then I would provide answers to those questions. Why did you participate in the Vietnam War? From my first speech, I outlined my desire of containing the spread of communism across the world. Besides, I also made it clear my intention of continuing with the President Dwight Eisenhower's policy. Therefore, I had to support the Diem's government of the South Vietnam. Moreover, I also believed in the 'Domino Theory' that in the event that the South Vietnam fell to the communist then the neighboring states were also to suffer the same fate. Therefore, the only way of containing the spread of communism in Asia was to participate in the Vietnam War (Smith 60). What was your actual involvement in this war? My participation in the Vietnam started in the year 1961. My government decided to finance the growth of the South Vietnamese army that was initially 150,000 to the 170,000. Moreover, my

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