President elect, Donald Trump before he was elected, made several speeches. For example, banning muslims from entering the U.S., deporting illegal immigrants among others. Do you think Trump will be..

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Name Teacher’s name Course Date Trump’s Controversial Ideas Before his election, especially during his campaign, Donald Trump made several speeches that raised controversial debates. For instance, he asserted that he would ban Muslims from entering the United States and also affirmed that he would deport all illegal immigrants. Some of these actions are viable, but others are not possible to happen. Having been chosen as the president, Trump is likely to exact more force on attaining all his formulation. Although quite some of them can occur, various outcomes will apparently arise as a result thereby affecting the Unites States in one way or the other. Being the president, Trump has executive powers through which he can settle on some of these issues. However, many of his ideas will require changes to make them viable. For instance, section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1951 mandates the president with executive powers to ban excludable aliens and noncitizens from entering the country for any specified period. Although Trump can use this Act to prevent Muslims from entering the country, his formulation will likely encounter a court challenge and be banned. This reaction would emanate from the fact that Muslim is religion, and therefore the formulation can be overruled as religious discrimination which is a violation of the constitution. Changes that may happen include the banning of people based on nationality and not religion. This formulation would not get overruled since nationality is not a constitutionally protected right. Other changes are that banning immigration at a national level would prohibit people that would have been useful

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