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presentation requirements from the reports. Crow's Foot notation was used for modeling the data (Dybka). Based on the proposed ERD, the enrollment, course completion, course sequence, advisor and thesis committee reports can easily be generated at any time. Entities Four entities extracted from the data presented in the reports include student, course, professor and thesis committee. Relationships and Cardinalities The relationships between the entities were based on the following business rules: Many students enroll to many courses (mandatory, many-to-many) Many courses have many students (mandatory, many-to-many)’ A course may have a prerequisite course (optional, one-to-one) A course may be a...

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present (Narasimhan, Majdalani and Stenger 447-462). Radial Basis Function RBF RBFs are used to model function approximations of the form yx=i=1nωi∅(x-x1)The function y(x) (approximating function) is represented as a sum of the radial basis functions (N), each having a different center (Xi) and a weighted coefficient (Wj). Since the approximating function is linear in value, it is easier to employ the matrix method to derive the weight coefficient. This type of the equation is applied where prediction of series is required as well as when controlling nonlinear systems that present unstable behaviors. Essentially, Radial Basis Functions are typically trained by a two-step algorithm. Akima...

present, those that are told when they are absent but the clergymen are present, and the limericks. This paper focuses on the journal entry for the following limerick: Once there was a young man called Bright Whose pace was much faster than light He went out one day In a virtual and relative way And came back on a preceding night This poem has an aabba rhyme scheme which means that the poem uses five lines with an “AABBA” rhyme scheme and explicit with funny and entertaining content. The poem visibly shows its anticipated audiences as well as the bawdiness and has amusing storytelling and straightforwardness of form. In essence, the poem is meant to be a lesson and carries a message to its...

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