Present an overview of some aspect of Mental Health or Illness which may feed into a social issue, a rare occurrence, or a standard of practice.

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MENTAL ILLNESS AND THE SOCIAL IMPACT Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Mental Illness And the Social Impact Abstract The mental health as defined by McNally is the measure of the psychological status of a person and the functionality of the brain that contributes to the satisfactory of the behavior and emotions (2011). Considering the positive psychology, mental health is the ability to have a harmonious lifestyle and the act of creating an environment of achieving the psychological resilience (Marini& Stebnicki, 2012). On the other aspect, the mental illness creates the contrast in which an individual poses dissatisfactory in emotions due to the mental disorders. This study is essential in identifying the impact of mental illness in the society and to the world in general. The World Health Organization (WHO) report indicates that mental health encompasses the ability to accept reality and cope up with the stress and contribute positively to the society (as cited in Nydegger & Basile, 2011, p 34). Further according to Clifford Beer, the mental problem is one of the contributing factors to the burden of disabilities in the world (as cited in Kiraly & Sher, 2015, p.27). The increasing numbers of mental illness estimates to 5 peoples out of 10 have a high risk of getting mental problems. This mental disorder is a common attribute to the low-income countries and cuts across all age groups, gender, and the social structures. Introduction In the 19th century, a scholar Sweetser William discovered the mental hygiene to be the contemporary issue of ensuring positive mental health (as cited in Marini & Stebnicki, 2012, p. 16). The American

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