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Name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Mother Teresa Mother Teresa was a renowned Catholic Christian who dedicated much of her adult life helping the less fortunate in society across the world. Teresa is said to have been born in 1910 at a place called Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Not much is known about what she did as a child, but she joined the Christian service at a very young age. By the time she was turning 18 years, she had been allowed to go to Ireland to join other nuns. Her stay in Ireland was short, and she acquired some skills from the Sisters of Loreto. Her next destination was in India where she greatly practiced her Christian values. It is in India that she formed the Christian group “Missionaries of Charity” to assist the needy ("Mother Teresa of Calcutta - Mother Teresa - Catholic Life" 1). Initially, when she arrived in India, she served as a teacher. However, the deplorable state of the living conditions of the people she was teaching made her change her mind. Through the Missionary of Charity, she sought to look after the poor, orphans and widows. She was inspired by the life of Jesus Christ to serve others, especially the less disadvantaged in society. While working as a missionary, she experienced major setbacks such as the famine of the early 1940s and the religious conflict of 1946. However, Mother Teresa did not wane in her efforts, and soon her work started to receive recognition from the locals and the international community. Interestingly, Mother Teresa did not persuade those she was serving to change their religious faith. She respected the religious values of others and even opted to wear Indian sari as a sign of respect to

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