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Hypothyroidism in Gerontology Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Hypothyroidism in a Geriatric Patient Hypothyroidism affects approximately 5% of individuals above 60 years of age. It may be due to different causes such as resection of the thyroid gland or gland failure. Failure or damage to the pituitary gland may also cause hypothyroidism due to absent or decreased secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Hypothyroidism affects multiple organ systems thus disrupting their standard functions. However, the severity of the condition varies considerably from unrecognized disease to striking myxedema. This paper discusses various aspects of the illness and pertinent points regarding its occurrence within the geriatric population. Though a potentially fatal condition, hypothyroidism can be managed efficiently. Presentation The clinical presentation of hypothyroidism differs remarkably among patients. Mild hypothyroidism may not be readily detected due to gentle presentations and requires screening of the serum TSH for diagnosis (Fitzgerald, 2017). Patients with hypothyroidism usually have nonspecific symptoms such as weight gain, depression, weakness, fatigue, arthralgia, dyspnea on exertion, constipation, dry skin, Raynaud syndrome among others. Less common manifestations of hypothyroidism include poor appetite, decreased auditory acuity, diminished sense of smell and taste, neck discomfort, dysphagia, and amenorrhea. Findings during the physical examination include thin, brittle nails, diastolic hypertension, peripheral edema, pallor, carotenemia, bradycardia, and delayed tendon reflexes. Although elderly patients may present with the classic

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