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Precis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Precis Over the preceding years, the Australian Government has developed laws and policies to help deal with the asylum problem. Desmond Manderson in his article, “From zero tolerance to harm reduction: “the asylum problem” provides a clear description of how the Australian Government treated the asylum seekers. According to Manderson, the asylum problem can be considered the same as the problem with drugs. Therefore, he formulates a comparison of the two with the ‘zero tolerance’ and ‘harm reduction’ policies that were created to curb them. It is evident that the debate is outlined in the right language that animates a crisis that is entirely dissimilar to the magnitudes of the problem. The asylum seekers are reflected like the drug addicts and are both portrayed as piteous victims who must be locked for their safety. Whereas, the smugglers and drug traffickers are considered as the villains who can be treated anyhow since no actions done against them is harsh. Besides, in both cases, the policy settings depend on the zero-tolerance tactics which are built around particular law enforcement strategies. Manderson not only focuses on the ‘zero tolerance’ policy but also explains the added advantage that ‘harm reduction’ policy brings when it is employed in the ‘asylum problem.’ Harm reduction policy advocates a new model for how to reconsider a policy agenda that is failing hence, beckoning a sea change in political and policy discourse. In the article, Manderson has described the effects of the war on drugs about the policies rendered against the asylum seekers. The war on drugs

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