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Précis: The Crimmigration Crisis Student’s Name: Institution: Abstract This précis analyzes the work of Stumpf J. on a possible crimmigration crisis. The merging of crime and immigration laws over the past decades presents the threat of a crisis. Immigration law violation was a civil matter, but over time it has come to be considered as a criminal act. Congress has made changes to immigration laws leading crimmigration laws. Cases of deportation were rare, but it has now become the norm for the immigration law offenders. Stumpf sees a possible crisis, through crimmigration laws the number of people alienated and excluded keeps increasing each day. This poses a danger since many businesses are affected; they cannot do business in the United States. Students have also been affected, opting to go to other countries. Courts and prisons in the country are becoming strained. Through the convergence of criminal and immigration laws, there is a lot of division between outsiders and insiders. The United States is alienating itself. Stumpf raises awareness on the issue and encourages other scholars to research on crimmigration laws. He also tries to explain why the two sets of laws have merged over time. He proposes a theory, the membership theory, to explain the emergence of crimmigration laws. The idea behind the theory is the need for people to emphasize the difference between insiders and outsiders. This has led to decision makers merging crime and immigration laws, aided by the Sovereign power available to them. The paper is divided into two main parts; the first part looks at how the two sets of laws have merged. The second part looks at the role of the proposed

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