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Precipitation Name: Institution: Precipitation The global air movements regulate the climate patterns around the world by controlling the air circulation process which takes place in the atmosphere. The circulation of the air in the space is caused by the heat imbalance on the surface of the Earth in an attempt to restore balance, and the air is circulated by pressure and wind making the temperature to fluctuate around the same limits. For instance, since the warm air is lighter than the cold one, the warm air continuously rises above, and the cold air goes down, and when it reaches the surface of the earth it gets hotter and lighter, and the same process continues making a circulation. Due to the lower density of the warm air, it makes it possible to hold the water vapor as it rises and the air condenses in the space causing precipitation. In other words, the circulation is caused by the rising of the warm air from the surface and descending of the cold air from the atmosphere. The patterns in the global atmospheric heating happen in a complex mechanism that mainly depends on the energy transfer between the earth's surface and space within the sun being the main controller. According to experts in the weather forecast, the circulation is a worldwide system of winds which carries or transports wind from the tropical to the latitudes to accomplish the whole process of circulation and precipitation. The circulation is simply caused by the difference in temperature on the different parts of the earth surface and the circulation occurs in an attempt to regulate the global temperature to be in the same range. To be precise, it is hotter along the equator since the sun

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