PR Trends and Public Opinion

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Public Relations (PR) Trends and Public Opinion Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Introduction The concept of public relations refers to the act of managing the flow of information between an individual or a company and the public (Bernays, 2014). Usually, companies use public relations elements to create the awareness of their products through marketing. It is the wish of most businesses to have many customers having a positive image of the firm. In order to attain this, the organizations highly rely on the public relations platforms. Although the primary purpose companies seek the help of public relations is to create an advantage, it may also damage the customers’ perception of the company therein. Furthermore, the public relations are capable of influencing the opinion of the public. In this case, therefore, the purpose of the paper is to analyze the recent trends (a positive and negative) that the public relations influenced the opinion of the public. Background Overview The Volkswagen: Diesel dupe Volkswagen is a German company that majors in the production of auto motives. Initially, the company had an excellent public image, but the diesel dupe scandal had an adverse effect on the public opinion. In the advertisements, Volkswagen outlined that its automobiles were conservative and friendly to the environment. However, as per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) press release, this was not the case (Bernays, 2014). The company did install software that would detect when the vehicles were in testing. Upon detection, the software would temporarily alter the performance of the car automatically to mitigate the emissions to the

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