Power of Language

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The ability of one to speak a given language would enhance effective communication in a group or culture. Language is not just a way of communication, rather a tool of power. People use it differently, either in a good or bad way, but it is very powerful. The “power of language” does not only refer to the service of power, but also it can influence and undermine power. This paper will utilize Madera and Tan’s texts to support James Baldwin claim that language is the most vivid and crucial key to a person’s personality and how it is a proof of power. It will also highlight how language connects people and separate them from one another. Language as proof of power means that power must finally use language, which must be conveyed and manifested through command, that is, to speak, and others to only listen and obey. The understanding of the language as proof of power is based on the implementation of language with the aim of exercising power. Typically, command of any language implies a form of power (Tan 2). The influence of language covers a great magnitude of political models, from what a person says, hence the perception of dictatorship; being commanded by a lot of force. The category of those who speak the same language easily connects and relate to themselves compared to those that speak a different language from an another culture. Therefore, being able to communicate with others creates a chance of acceptance and makes an individual a part of a community. Language gives the authority to change the perception that an individual has over others on how they think and understand other people. Tan says, “When I was growing up, my mother’s limited English

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