Power and politicking

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Power and Politicking Student’s Name: Institution: Power and Politicking Power and politicking are essential skills for managers in today’s business environment. Power involves being able to make people do whatever you want (De Janasz et al., 2015). Power may be used to acquire scarce resources, influence decisions and earn cooperation from people outside one’s direct authority (De Janasz et al., 2015). One may have power from their position in an organization or his/her qualities as viewed by others. Politicking, on the other hand, involves using information and power to acquire resources to achieve set objectives (De Janasz et al., 2015). With the current business environment where there is employee diversity, numerous business strategies and rapid development of information technology, politicking is a useful asset for a manager. Through politicking, a manager can increase contacts for his/her organization. Organization politics helps organizations achieve their objectives. Effective politicking means understanding yourself, your ability to influence others and ability to manage information. However, too much organization politics can hurt employee morale (De Janasz et al., 2015). It is therefore important for managers to check on the level of politicking and put measures in place to reduce possible negative impact. Politicking is associated with self-interest. One may be faced with a dilemma in politicking; one may have information that would help him/her gain promotion though at the expense of a colleague. It would be unethical if he/she got the colleague fired, but he/she has to think of himself/herself and the information they acquired. One has to

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