Power and Leadership Skills

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Power and Leadership Skills Power is a might of authority and influence. Leaders obtain power from five different sources. If a person possesses something that others cannot easily acquire is a powerful asset, and therefore such a person gains expert power. For example, an employee who has expertise in a particular area, he or she influences how juniors wok. Organizations use a grading system to position an employee to a given role. Power gained in such a move is positional power where one becomes the boss and can choose who does what job. An example is the CEO or head of a department in an organization. There is also reward power that a person acquires if he or she has potential to impact the behaviors or actions of other people when having control over important resources. An example is when a person can influence salaries or bonus in an organization. If a person has the perspective to impact others by sanctions or any other adverse action, such a leader acquires coercive power. Strong relationships between a leader and his or her followers, enables the leader to acquire personal power. Personal power is obtained by patient leaders since it takes much time to establish such relationships. Therefore, a leader may acquire power from any of the five sources of power. In the film "The Lion King," leaders acquire power from any of the five sources of power. The film "The Lion of the king" has three main characters who obtain power from different sources. Mufasa, Scar, and Simba. Scar obtains coercive power since he murders his brother Mufasa and threatens Simba. He is jealous of his brother's power, and that's why he decides to murder him. Simba who is Mufasa's son now

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