Poverty in the USA

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Poverty in the USA Author Institution Poverty in the USAAmerica is one of the first world countries, but poverty that cannot be associated with its class still exists. For instance, diseases and malnutrition cause substantially truncated life expectation. Poverty is widespread in other countries such as India; people have no food to eat and money to spend. However, it is different in the US because even with underdeveloped welfare, there is no huge starvation. Here, poverty is all about lack of security and requirements, citizens worry about how to get food and how to settle bills. These might be caused by too much reliance private charities and on the imperfect government (Procopio & Perella, 1976). Poverty is usually passed from one generation to another which is different in America as it is where we find constant upward movement. Moreover, poverty has many causes in the US. For instance, there is a considerable gap between the cost of housing and the income earning; this leads to lack of affordable housing and complicated lives of millions of citizens. Some companies in the United States have closed down, and others have been forced to deploy its workers, some have opted to move to foreign countries to pay low labor cost. These companies have a direct impact on the economy, the rate of unemployment has led to a poor economy. The system of quality jobs and good salaries is slowly becoming a mystery in the USA. The unemployed have a hard time finding new jobs due to high competition and the job scarcity. These leave not only personalities poor but also their families and may result in homelessness as well. On the other hand, there are two classes in

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