Poverty and hunger

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Poverty and hunger Thesis: Poverty and hunger have a direct relationship characterized by the lack of funds and resources to get food. IntroductionMany cases and incidences of poverty are closely associated with hunger among the many countries that are affected with hunger. Research conducted through the world FAO shows that many parts of the hunger stricken areas like the sub Saharan Africa to be of extreme poverty. Poverty and hunger have a direct relationship characterized by the lack of funds and resources to get food. Indeed poverty and hunger go hand in hand due to the direct relationship that exists between them. The lack of funds characterized by poverty directly leads to hunger in that people have no access to food security. Moreover, there are a number of factors that significantly contribute to poverty. These factors eventually lead to hunger among the people since there is the lack of access to food. The existence of poor infrastructure where the infrastructure level is poor is a major cause of poverty (Poverty and hunger, 2003). The unequal distribution of wealth and income where a few couple of individual have access to wealth contributes greatly lot high poverty levels (Poverty and hunger, 2003). The existence of poor technology among the developing countries is a major cause of poverty in that lack of technology makes resources to be unavailable hence poverty. Poverty due to lack technology results in hunger as there is no modern technology to ensure food security (Poverty and hunger, 2003). The need to eradicate poverty so as to manage hunger has been adopted by the United Nations agencies that are concerned with the achievement of its objectives

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