Post traumatic stress disorder

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Student’s name University Abstract Post-traumatic stress disorder affects the mental status of a person. The patients suffer from continuous stress based on tragic events that occurred in the past. Tragic events primarily cause the disease. War, sexual assault, and severe accidents are the primary causes of PTSD. The American Psychological Association intimates that three in ten children suffer from the disorder in the USA. Patients relive their experiences that regenerate into traumatic experiences through nightmares and dreams regularly. The patients are likely to be full of anger, higher anxiety levels and withdrawn from other people. PTSD is easily diagnosed through M3 Checklist, GAD-7, and PTSD checklist, which are easily assessed in contemporary health facilities. Psychologists have come up with diverse self-assessment tools to diagnose the disorder. Doctors use psychotherapy and medications to treat PSDT patients, though each alternative has various options for treatment. Psychologists prefer to use cognitive therapy to treat PTSD in children for longer periods to ensure the treatment plan succeeds. Stress disorders are now common in the society. The American Psychological Association classified the disease as a psychiatric disorder after veterans from the Vietnam War suffered from the disorder. However, ancient Greeks had classified the disease as a medical problem based on the symptoms. The disorder is caused by traumatic events such as rape, war or accidents. Doctors have shown that in severe cases, patients have had bouts of insomnia and have problems in being attentive. The diversity of the causes has baffled

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