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Post Substantive Responses to My Classmates Name: Institution: Abstract The aim of this paper is to respond to two of my classmates’ posts about what should be done to ensure success of the U.S managers in foreign assignments. In the first response, the issue of the importance of cultural intelligence is discussed as pointed out in the post. The importance of cultural intelligence in terms of behaviour and language has been discussed to substantiate what has already been outlined in the post by my classmate. The second response underlines the importance of learning about other cultures during foreign assignments. Managers can ensure that they provide appropriate goods for the customers in a foreign country in the process of learning. Furthermore, the other factor that plays role in the success of managers as discussed in the response is collection of information. In general, when managers have cultural intelligence and learn about other cultures they are likely to succeed in foreign environments. Post Substantive Responses to My Classmates Response to Mathew Allen I agree with you that the U.S managers need cultural intelligence while working in foreign countries. According to Keillor (2011) cultural intelligence enables a manager to function effectively in situations that are characterized by cultural differences. I would like to add that another aspect of cultural intelligence that ensures managers succeed in foreign environments is behaviour. When interacting with people from another culture, the manager should be aware of the verbal and non-verbal behaviour to exhibit so as to succeed. The non-verbal behaviour that you have pointed put in your post

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