Post 1945 period in America

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The post-1945 period in America showed significant changes in the fabric of the American culture in numerous ways. The culmination of the second world war marked the beginning of a new era with a distinctively youthful culture. Even the old folks were trying to achieve a common sense of uniformity by sticking to group norms rather than prioritizing individual interests. According to David, Reuel and Nathan (59) conformity would be attributed to the need to meet the expectations of the newly developed peer groups. The society reaffirmed and assumed traditional roles with men retaining their roles as the family breadwinner. Women, on the other hand, were supposed to undertake various house chores regardless of whether they were working. The invention of the cable Television was a trendsetter for changes in the societal social patterns (Rood, 61). The American culture became more independent on mass media for emancipation and entertainment purposes. The rise of a more youthful population changed the American popular culture with teens developing a personal interest in music and movies. Elvis Presley popularized the rhythm and blue music which later evolved into the rock and roll music. However, Presley and other rock and roll singers proved that the white would also listen to black music. This calls for an integrated relationship within the American culture. Painters such as Jackson Pollock acknowledged the social-cultural revolutions that took place after the World War II. Some Americans refused to conform to the set cultural norms. A group of authors formed a literary movement, Beat Generation, which rebelled against the established conventional norms and values (Rood,

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