Position Analysis

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Discussion Answers Student’s Name Institution Discussion Answers Position analysis is essential as it helps in evaluating the purpose of the created position and the expected performance from the person to fill the particular position. For this purpose, the job candidate would be a biology laboratory technician. The best approach to analyze the position is the critical incident method (Chell, 2004). The supervisor would be interested in monitoring only significant tasks that the technician should be performing. Some of the tasks include carrying out meaningful research; formulation of hypotheses; analysis of data from practical studies; concluding the results; and application the information from the research for the benefit of the scientific community. The critical incident method gives the supervisor the best opportunity to monitor whether the laboratory technician's performance meets the requirements of the major events. The challenge with the approach is that regular monitoring can overwhelm the employee to feel mistrusted by the manager. Trait theory involves an approach to defining human personality through measuring and identifying the degree of a person's characteristics. a person's behavior can define his/her characteristics. While goal setting theory helps in motivating an individual when he or she has a goal that is set for them to achieve (Locke, 2006). The best way to motivate that person is by either setting the objective for the individual as a manager or letting the individual challenge him/herself. Through goal-setting theory, an individual gets motivated when self-satisfied. Hence, the employee can feel worthy after accomplishing a task.

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