Polytheism through Egyptian Architecture

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POLYTHEISM THROUGH EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE Name Course Date Polytheism through Egyptian Architecture Egyptian architecture offers enough evidence of polytheism in the ancient Egypt Religion is the belief in the existence of supernatural powers that are beyond human capabilities, and it also controls the events of the world. Different human beings have different perceptions of religion which influences their practices and way of life. Therefore, this controls their order of existence. People’s belief can be described as atheism where the individual does not believe in any supernatural being that controls the order of nature. Alternatively, an individual can be termed monotheism where the person believes in a single supernatural being who is the creator and controller of the universe. On the other hand, the third category is polytheism where in this case, the individual believes in supernatural powers but these supernatural powers are many and are divided with each power having different roles in the controlling the order of existence. This paper will concentrate on the polytheism, particularly focusing on the polytheism through Egyptian architecture. The paper will look at a few examples since polytheism in ancient Egypt is so detailed that it is impossible to fit in one book let alone a few pages. This paper will focus on the religious concepts and practices which are evident in the Egyptian architecture. The concept of polytheism in Egypt is considered as one of the most complex in the ancient religions. This is because the definition of religion in Egypt was diverse and did not have a standard way of practice as it is today. Egyptians did not have a

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