Polls in General Election

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The polls have always been reliable in predicting the potentially favored candidate in specific elections. The significance of polls is that its gives data on how effective the parties are doing in a particular election. In many occasion, the results projected in a specific poll were actually reflected in the final election. Many politicians always ignore the polling results terming it of being corrupted to favor one candidate. However, the results projected by polls are always close to the actual final result. In the 2012 election, the polling result projected that Romney was leading with 50% while the sitting President Obama was behind at 49%. However, in the final election result, Obama was ahead by 51% while his opponent was behind at 47%. This shows that there was a Gallup deviation of -2% and 3% for both Obama and Romney results respectively (Gallup Inc, 1). In the 2008 election, the poll showcased Obama defeating his opponent with 55% while McCain will be behind at 44%. In the official election result, Obama actually won with 53% will his opponent was behind at 46%.Therefore, this shows that there was a Gallup deviation of 2% and -2% for both Obama and McCain results respectively (Gallup Inc, 1). Lastly, in the 2004 election, the poll projected an indecisive trend for both candidates. In short, Bush had 49% while Kerry was also having a 49% chance of being elected. In the final results, President Bush won by 50.7% compared to that of Kerry who was at 48.3%. Hence, this shows that there was a Gallup deviation of -1.7% and 0.7% for both Bush and Kerry results respectively (Gallup Inc, 1). From this statistical data, it can be noted that the polling result may not be

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